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**Shipping in August**

Delphinimum EVA Salmon pink, new high quality variety. Highly uniform series, excellent for cut flower production. Firm stems with an average length of 90 cm. Double flowers the picture show the variety but does not depict the colour 


These are small seedling plugs


Delphinium EVA - Salmon Pink

  • Delphiniums require nutrient rich soil to ensure healthy growth and blooms. They can be grown as a perennial in cooler climates and a annual in warmer climates. Preferring a neutral to slightly alkaline soil. Add lime to raise the PH of acidic soils prior to planting. Protect young plants from frost. Delphs prefer a cooler climate, plant to protect from afternoon sun in warmer climates. Flowering in Summer. Set up support stakes or netting early before the plant gets established. Harvest when one fourth to one third of the flowers are open, cutting the stem a few inches above ground level to promote new shoots. 6 -8 day vase life can be expected. 


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