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Plug Information

Plugs are produced in optimal conditions, with automated precise watering and fertilisation based on the weight of the trays to produce strong healthy seedlings. Plugs create the most robust plants that produce an abundance of blooms on strong stems.

Plant growth can be limited by your soil condition and we recommend soil tests to ensure the best fertilisation options.


Caring for your plugs

What to do when your plants arrive:


  • Unpack your plants as soon as they arrive – even if you haven’t got time to plant them up straight away – they’ll need some air after being enclosed in their packaging.

  • Your plants will need some recovery time after transportation, keep them moist and in a shady spot for a couple of days

  • Ideally pot up each plug into into a 7-9cm pot, filled with a good quality potting mix.

  • Keep the pots moist, but try not to overwater.

  • Once your plants have developed more leaves and are looking more robust – you can toughen them up ready for planting out in the garden by popping them outdoors 

  • Protect them from snails & slugs

  • Know and understand your own climate and soil conditions to ensure the best possible crop from your plants 

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