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Heirloom Heritage Chrysanthemums. These are all grwon for cut flowers. Producing long stems. 

Due in August

Windchimes - Spider

Ted Elms - Pink Anemone (my favourite)

Miss Osaka - Pink/Lilac Medium Exhibition, suits disbud

Mt Diablo - Pale pink lemon centre 

Pinky Edge - medium flower, mass spray

Salmon Gigantic

Sweet Pink - Dainty flowers on mass sprays, pink

Sweet Shiny - Dainty tiny flowers on mass spray. yello/rust

Sweet Snow - Dainty tiny flower, mass spray white/pink


Heritage Chrysanthemums

  • These are home grown by me!

    I grow a beautiful selection of Heritage Mums specifically for cut flowers. A mixture of sprays for fillers and disbud varieties for centre piece brilliance! The prime time to start your planting of Mums is from August - September  



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